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Food Innovation Pavilions -
THAIFEX 2018, Bangkok


31T (BIT)

31T immerses a crowd in an interactive eating experience and a collective impact of creative eating. Pure gastronomy, design, and technology. No fluff! Marrying ‘the internet of things’ to ‘eating’ promises powerful data that reworks food. 3 bits in 1 bite and Tell!


How to 31T

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Firstly, a long table with various elements of first-rated tidbits. Secondly, the guests are to create limitless starter, main dish, and dessert by making a bite made of 3 bits. Thirdly, now comes the beauty when everyone shares the findings -- rate and describe it with web app on one's own smartphone. The submitted combinations will be presented real time on a projection or screen for everyone to see. Data review follows. 




Who is 31T for?

31T promises a power mingle which play and intensity join forces to provide a creative flow. Take part cracking gastronomy! Throw an event, create your unique selections, and let your crowd generate new findings. 31T is highly scalable and customisable to various themes and focuses. The result is a unique compilation that contributes to a better gastronomic knowledge.



Creative process meets dining, 31T keeps the crowd stimulated and challenged. 31T makes a great opportunity to discover personal preferences and at the same time mutual discoveries. Its dynamic set up instantly breaks the ice and motivates lively conversations, making 31T a perfect stylish catering for reception, conference, or corporate party that wants to maximize networking .



31T is the ultimate setup for taste research. A data generated are instantly visualized and systematically categorized. 31T is a great learning tool for sommelier and meal creators to explore how taste combination works. It is a powerful R&D tool to comprehend the new food or drink product's potential. Yes, 31T makes an impressive concept for a successful new product launch.



31T JR is a focused free-play exploring the food universe using a collective impact of creative tasting and the Internet of Things. We’d love to use 31T for children to see food in a new way. 31T Jr is a scalable platform for school children to develop a good relationship with healthy food choices. 31T Jr brings a blend of food education, design, and technology as a workshop for teachers to use as a tool in their classroom.


Marrying ‘the internet of things’ to ‘eating’ promises powerful data that reworks food.









The Internet of Things

Digitality and gastronomy rarely meet to be constructive toward each other. Information around tasting are usually a top-down function ie. chefs decide. 31T makes food fascinating, makes tasting evident, and makes bottom-up information available. By the crowd experimenting, sharing and prompting other guests to replicate new found combinations. The bottom up approach advances culinary experimentation otherwise deviced only by the great chefs.

31T is where an archive of culinary artifacts will be created, digitalized, and exhibited, serving both specialists and general public. We believe in the potency of growing this inspiring set of data and make it available for all.



31T (BIT) is an official name of the work codenamed “Mx.” (Mixology) within the New Nordic Food circle which it has served both a research purpose and a power mingle function. 31T was one of the five vision showcases in the final workshop of Food & Creative Industries project of the New Nordic Food II programme, ‘Staging Nordic Table 2024’. We now invite you among our friends and tasting enthusiasts to 31T affair.


"Prang Lerttaweewit is one of the Nordic region's most interesting designers who work with food. The concept 31T is an exciting example of it. A wonderful creative interaction between food, art, and people that makes us explore new discoveries among tastes and forms and at the same time create new knowledge together."

— Elisabet Skylare, Project Manager, New Nordic Food II




"Prang Lerttaweewit is looking at gastronomy with experience designer's eyes. Experiences that, through practical participation, give you new insights whether you are a professional gastronomist or an ordinary guest. Prang's projects have a strong foundation in society. She challenges traditional practices and ruling norms. Her design pushes limits. The tools of 31T are creativity and playfulness based on information and knowledge."

— Mischa Billing, Jury member, Swedish MasterChef




"We have a great deal of confidence in 31T team and their innovative concept '31T (BIT) - Cracking Gastronomy'. 31T and 31T Jr. is totally unique in its kind on a global level and has very big potential to succeed.”

— Philip Abedian, Innovation advisor, Start-Up Stockholm


31T is a whole new way of working in Arts to explore combinations and taste experiences.

Mischa Billing, sommelière, lecturer, jury member of Swedish MasterChef 










31T Creators

experience designer

Prang runs Another New Design Studio in the service of society, culture, and the experience economy. She possesses a strong interdisciplinary thinking superpower which has resulted in smart designs that are obviously simple and easy to love.

Another New Design Studio [& Studio] keeps including people from various fields and together creates experience-based interdisciplinary projects that address a broader set of questions. & Studio has contributed to New Nordic Food’s Food and Creative Industries. Her article ‘Approaching New Nordic Food’s Disciplinary Boundary’ for The New Nordic Food Program aims to envision and boost collaboration scenes and platforms so food could impact societies at greater levels in the coming future.



Paulo believes that knowledge is useless if not shared. Across all the different projects, he uses technology as a way of expression, and creates tools and environments that help people reclaim their curiosity and creative drive. He researches ways to make humans relate to machines in a more pleasant and meaningful way.

Paulo is a founding member of Kids Hack Day which was created to close the gap between the global hackerspace movement and the lack of technology related play and creativity in the classroom. Paulo is also the CTO of the ed-tech startup ‘Quirkbot’, a microcontroller that let kids build and program their own toys. Quirkbot supports the hacker-mindset encouraging kids to re-invent the things around them and makes it very easy to learn about electronics, programming and mechanics.


"A lot of great flavors and combinations may never be found and shared if we don't enable it."




Say Hello!

If you have an occasion to 31T, we would love to hear what you have in mind! We customise 31T theme to your objective. We design the entire experience, curate the food elements with the chef best matched to the concept and budget. We love collaboration and interdisciplinary approach to questions. Talk to us!

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