31T & BKK : The Tastes of Bangkok

Another New Design Studio x 80/20 x THINKK
Bangkok Design Week 2018 : NEW-ish Vibes
"THINKK Together"  

Jan 27, 13:30 - Vernissage
Feb 2, 20:00 - Public
Feb 3, 17:00 - Public
Feb 4, 17:00 - Public


Another New Design Studio x 80/20 x THINKK welcome you to “31T & BKK” an interactive eating design that will push the potential tastescape of Bangkok.

From the New Nordic Food movement, experience 31T for the first time in Bangkok - for Bangkok! “THINKK Together.” invites you among their friends and tasting enthusiasts to the first 31T affair in Thailand with “31T & BKK”.  31T for Bangkok Design Week invites stakeholders to experiment and co-create. Take part cracking gastronomy through exciting food components curated and prepared by 80/20, a gastronomic team who constantly challenges the boundary of Thai ingredients, while dining in the scenographic work by THINKK Studio. The result will be an exciting compilation that contributes to a better gastronomic knowledge of the new Thai food and a completely new perspective of your palate for the taste of Bangkok!

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31T x Ädellab

Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts, and Design, Stockholm

"Sharing & Hosting" workshop comprises 5-day workshop series for all Bachelor of Arts students of Ädellab's Jewellery and Corpus program.

In 1 full day lecture and workshop, Prang will present her works and introduces her thinking tools. The students will get to try using of some of her approaches to broaden or pinpoint their individual artistry and proficiency. ‘31T x Ädellab’ gives a focused free-exploration of the edibles matters in the essence of jewellery and corpus.


31T x Stokkøya

Stokkøya Sjøsenter, Norway

It is a harvest season! The municipality of Åfjord together with Stokkøya Sea Center host 31T to explore Sustainable Tastescape of Stokkøya. The findings may lead to develop new exciting recipes of the area. We will have 7.2 m long table and 100 guests to realize their unified power. 


31T x Oslo Startup Day

Oslo Startup Day: Meet the Nordic Front Runners

The Nordic countries are leading within technology and sustainability, but how can we utilise the know how across different industries and disciplines to create scalable business models within the food sector?

Oslo Business Region has joined forces with leading entrepreneurs to put scalable business models, sustainability and digital technology on the agenda.


31T x Dansens Hus 

Dansens Hus, Stockholm

Dansens Hus implemented 31T for staff Christmas Dinner. This 31T presents food elements sourced from gourmet food halls and the set up were prepared by the help of the staff with stunning effects by the Stage Team.

Dansens Hus is Sweden’s largest stage for guest performances of contemporary dance from Sweden and the rest of the world.


31T x Elementa

Elementa, Oslo

The opening of the new Elementa premises at Prindseloftet present 31T. The exciting food line was curated by Food Studio and prepared by Elementa's house chef. It was amazing!

Elementa is a small Norwegian company working with designers, artists and scientists to Recreate the Space In Which We Work. Since the startup in 2012, Elementa has helped to furnish a lot of spaces, including some of Norway's most interesting creative workspaces




The New Nordic Food

Food and Creative Industries Program

Konstfack, University of Arts, Crafts, and Design

Grythyttan School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Meal Science, Örebro University

Moderna Museet, Stockholm

The Nordic House, Reykjavík

Dill Restaurant, Reykjavík

Moderna Museet Restaurangen, Stockholm

Oslo Startup Day

Dansens Hus

Swedish Institute, Stockholm

Stockholm Resilience Centre

Madeleines Food Theater, Copenhagen




Thank you all for taking part creating an amazing and powerful gathering! 


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